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Established Designated Account
  • Grant a designed account for Permissible Financial Assets, under an eligible financial intermediary

  • Ensure the account operates exclusively for the Permissible Financial Assets

  • Provide guidance on the Terms of Appointment with the intermediary


Reporting and Documentation
  • Assist the Applicant in preparing and submitting the necessary documents to InvestHK

  • Ensure compliant with the Portfolio Maintenance Requirements

  • Partner with the Practicing Certified Public Accountants for the annual verification of the requirements fulfilment


Review and Compliance
  • Conduct periodic reviews of the investment portfolio to ensure meeting the minimum value threshold under the Scheme Rules.

  • Address any discrepancies or issues promptly and provide recommendations for remedial actions if needed.


Communication with InvestHK
  • Serve as the primary point of contact between the Applicant and InvestHK for any inquiries or requests related to portfolio maintenance.

  • Facilitate the submission of required documents and information to InvestHK for verification and assessment.


Your Dedicated Team

Mark Leung

Senior Manager

+852 9636 3349

Michael Wong

Product Analyst

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