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A simple and effective investment platform

CUBE is a platform solution offered to the wealth management industry. Our platform is developed with creative ideas, embracing a multiple analytical perspectives approach. With our experience and strong business domain knowledge, we strive to provide the most cost effective platform solution that will benefit both the clients and advisory firms. This solution enables clients, serviced by their financial advisors, to enjoy cost savings and efficiency by accessing unit trust and mutual funds across a wide range of product providers and managing the entire portfolio in one platform.


The services and features of the CUBE are administered by two major modules:


Investment Dealing

Investment Dealing is a streamlined Online Transaction Processing Solution to boost the investment dealing order placing and settlement efficiency.

  • ​One stop B2B platform to deal with thousands of invesment products, such as SFC authorized funds, unauthorized funds, bonds.

  • Suitable for financial institutes, trust or licensed corporation

  • Nominee dealing and settlement

  • Reduce costs by consolidation

  • Performance and Miscellaneous Fee calculation and collection

  • Secure transaction management infrastructure

  • High Degree of control by audit trail, reconciliation

  • Reports and maker-checker mechanism

  • Reduce efforts for regular saving transactions for model and bespoke account

  • Standardized and trackable cash management module

  • Role-based access control on functions and information access

  • Ad hoc portfolio valuation enquiry and bulk printing/download of ad hoc statement

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Portfolio Enquiry and Policy Administration

With a centralized financial data store, investors and advisors can have a full picture of their investments and consolidated picture of their assets and policies, such as mutual funds, insurance policies and land banking, all in one platform.

  • Multi-product support – Investment-Linked Assurance Scheme (ILAS), traditional life, general insurance, MPF, land banking, bond, stock, structured product and mutual funds (ILAS)

  • Policy administration/record keeping

  • New business tracking

  • Commission receivable estimation

  • Commission voucher allocation

  • Consolidated statement

  • Integrated Document Management System for storing transaction advice and monthly statement 

  • Portfolio Performance Analysis

  • Client Service Record

Featured Services

The Regulatory License​

We have obtained the SFC license on “Dealing in Securities” ​

The WMC Nominee​

Our SFC approved associate company for holding client assets and cash in nine major currencies

​The Fund Universe

100+ asset management companies

1000+ Funds and investment products

​Robust Online Portal

Evolved from the PRAIRIE system, with heritage since late 90s and had served large financial services companies in 8 countries

We are also

2 Account Types

Support Transaction-based and Fee-based (Advisory or Discretionary) accounts

Portfolio Management

Easily create, track, manage model portfolios with mass dealing transaction support understand their client risk profile.

Document Management Service

Easily retrieve client and product document within the same platform


Track the status of various transactions, AUM, cash movement, fee deductions, asset allocation weighting, etc. meeting the needs of management, administrator and advisor

Risk Profiling and Management

The risk profiling tool helps financial advisors understand client risk profiles. Our system will compare the risk between the fund risk level and client risk profile when the order placement.

Client Service Record System

Helps advisors manage their clients’ requests, keep meeting notes and follow up actions

Role-Based Access Control

Enables advisory firm to easily manage the requirements of segregation of duties through our role based access control, supporting tree structure consultant hierarchy which can help organizations even with complex multiple layers structure

eStatements and Notifications

Helps advisors manage their clients’ requests, keep meeting notes and follow up actions


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